Essential Facts about Vaporizer Pen

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Essential Vaporizer Pen Facts

Using a vaporizer pen is often touted as being better than smoking a cigarette. Smoking is something that can be rather bad for you – because there are so many additives that can be found in tobacco. Vaping, by comparison, means inhaling far fewer chemicals.

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When most people think of electronic cigarettes, they think of ‘e-cigs’ which are electronic devices with a number of adjustable settings that will allow you to control the temperature and the amount of vapor produced.

Another kind of dry herb vaporizer pen is the mechanical mod. Read more about on our portable vaporizer page. These are similar to e-cigs, but they are simpler in many ways – there is a battery and a coil, and very little else – you control the temperature of the coil by using thicker coils or more powerful batteries.

You may see pens being referred to as ‘Advanced Personal Vaporizers’ or as Vape Mods’. Things like APVs are generally sold for around $100, and they are not particularly customizable. Meanwhile, Vape Mods are things that are more customizable.

volcano vapeTypically, most people get their start in vaping with a mass-market e-cigarette, but then outgrow that quickly, because the APVs are more customizable – they have a decent amount of vape power, and they can produce as much or as little nicotine vapor as you wish, depending on the liquid being used.

Vape mods, on the other hand, are more customizable and this means that you can use wax, liquids, oils or dry herbs depending on your preferences.

The e-liquids that you use in a vape pen can contain a number of different ingredients. Some people even make their own e-liquids. There have been some alarmist reports of liquids that contain propylene glycol – with people claiming that it is the main ingredient in antifreeze. These reports are incorrect – the headlines are confusing this with diethylene gylcol.

Propylene glycol is a thinner solution and one that is safe to inhale – it is even used in asthma inhalers. Diethylene glycol is not safe. The flavorings that are included in the vape liquids are ones that are food-grade, and that are safe.

Nicotine, of course, is often found in best vaporizer pens – but if you want to vape without taking in nicotine then you can do so. The choice is yours. There are plenty of liquids in both cases, so the choice comes down to whether you feel the ‘need’ or not.

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